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MVMNT Race Series Set For Boston

Races will return to Boston on July 18 with the MVMT Race Series featuring Molly Seidel, Natosha Rogers and Abbey Cooper.

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running to protest coffey nyc run crews

Running To Protest | How New York City’s Run Crews Came Together Against Racial Injustice

Hundreds of New York City runners gathered at the East River for a protest run against racial injustice and police brutality in America.

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brown university track and field open letter

Calling for Excellence: An Open Letter to Brown University President Christina Paxson

An open letter to Brown University President Christina Paxson, Athletic Director Jack Hayes and the Board of Trustees regarding the cutting of the men’s track and field program.

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gwen berry protests olympics 2021

Gwen Berry: Sport, Politics, Protest… and the Olympics

Gwen Berry shares an open letter on the truth and reasoning behind protesting at major global championship stages.

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george floyd protests new york city

Beyond Conversation

We’re angry. We’re in pain. We don’t have all the answers. What we do know is that we can proceed and start searching for a solution with love, listening, compassion and service. That’s what we have done and what everyone should intend to do.

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david melly slowest mile challenge

Run Your Slowest Mile

A challenge for everyone. Go out and run your slowest mile.

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johnny gregorek blue jeans mile world record attempt 2020

Johnny Gregorek’s Blue Jeans Mile Will Be More Fun Than The Olympics

Johnny Gregorek’s blue jeans mile has the potential to mix things up, provide a great spectating experience and raise money for a good cause.

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ahmaud arbery killing


Friday would’ve been Ahmaud’s birthday. Run 2.23 miles with #IRunWithMaud and consider signing the petition for justice.

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johnny gregorek blue jeans mile world record attempt

Johnny Gregorek To Attempt Blue Jeans Mile World Record, Fundraising For National Alliance on Mental Illness

Johnny Gregorek will attempt to break Dillon Maggard’s 4:11.80 world record for the blue jeans mile on May 30.

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sammy wanjiru death mystery documentary

Track and Field, Running Documentaries We Want to See Made

A question for running fans ahead of the the Michael Jordan documentary coming out: What track and field film or documentary would you want to see made if you gave hollywood producers an unlimited budget? It can be multiple parts.

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CITIUS MAG Modifies Rules Governing Competition Jeans for Blue Jeans Mile

Amid the advancement of jeans technology, CITIUS MAG has set new rules on cotton and denim percentage for blue jeans mile competition.

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World Championships 1500m 2017

Track Rewatchables: 2017 World Championships Women’s 1500 Meters

The 2017 World Championship women’s 1,500m final is underappreciated.

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