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November 13, 2017

Remember when Jorge Torres lost his mind for Dathan Ritzenhein?

On Monday afternoon, the NCAA Track and Field account shared a “Motivation Monday” video that featured the epic close of the 2003 NCAA Cross Country National Championship between Ryan Hall and Dathan Ritzenhein. You can watch the video for yourself below but follow along the transcription that we have provided for more fun. We believe it’s just Toni Reavis and Jorge Torres on the call but if we’re wrong and there was a third announcer there because the audio levels are a little off at one point, let us know. Regardless, you’l know which one is Jorge Torres and he’s the star of the broadcast.

Toni Reavis: Hard to say but it would be an upset that Ryan Hall of all those Stanford guys would win this 10,000 meter national championship.

Jorge Torres: In the past, Ryan Hall has had a really strong beginning season…Dathan Ritzenhein is responding! Dathan Ritzenhein is coming back! Dathan Ritzenhein is not going to let Ryan Hall go! Dathan Ritzenhein is going to give it one last shot!

Reavis: And now he’s coming up on alongside Hall. Hall was in this position against Kip Kangogo at the Pre-Nationals and then got beat. Will all the leading he did early in the race cost him now at the end Ritzenhein really goes to the arms now. What does Hall have left? … The crowd is just driving these men. Here comes Hall back on Ritzenhein.

Torres: Ryan Hall is trying to respond. Can Ritzenhein hold him off? This looks like a race like it was last year! This remind me a lot of how I finished my race. It’s like deja vu Tony. Ritzenhein is trying to hold him off! There’s about 100 meters left! Ritzenhein and Hall. Looks like Hall is struggling! Looks like Ritzenhein might hold him off!

Reavis: The strength of Ritzenhein is going to make the day. Hall is giving it everything. Ritzenhein can’t back off and he’s going to take the national title.

Torres: Ritzenhein is going to win it!

Sabrmetrics: Torres yells “Ritzenhein” nine times in a span of 63 seconds. That’s not an easy last name to repeatedly yell. Also, if you didn’t expect Torres’ call, you may have blown out a pair of headphones. That was just such a raw and emotion-filled call. Bring back Ed Torres on the mic.

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