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November 16, 2017

Wood Report: NCAA Cross Country Championship Women’s Individual Projections & All-Americans

Below you can find who I project will finish from 40th to 1st place at the 2017 NCAA Cross Country National Championship. Questions? Criticisms? Direct them my way at @Wood_Report


40 Millie Paladino Providence
39 Carmela Cardama Baez Oregon
38 Jessica Drop Georgia
37 Dominique Clairmonte North Carolina State
36 Samantha Drop Georgia
35 Gabrielle Forrest Princeton-Mid-Atlantic
34 Lindsey Bradley Baylor- South Central
33 Taylor Werner Arkansas
32 Sarah Disanza Wisconsin
31 Jillian Hunsberger Penn State
30 Vanessa Fraser Stanford
29 Bethan Knights California
28 Nikki Hiltz Arkansas
27 Catarina Rocha Providence
26 Winny Koech UTEP- Mountain
25 Alyssa Snyder Utah State
24 Isabelle Brauer San Francisco
23 Gina Sereno Michigan
22 Jamie Morrissey Michigan
21 Fiona O’Keeffe Stanford
20 Bella Burda Villanova
19 Lilli Burdon Oregon
18 Charlotte Imer Eastern Kentucky
17 Amy Eloise-Neale Washington
16 Weini Kelati New Mexico
15 Charlotte Prouse New Mexico
14 Weronika Pyzik San Francisco
13 Caroline Sang Charlotte-Southeast
12 Grayson Murphy Utah- Mountain
11 Alice Wright New Mexico
10 Katherine Receveur Indiana
9 Dani Jones Colorado
8 Allie Buchalski Furman
7 Katie Rainsberger Oregon
6 Allie Ostrander Boise State
5 Elinor Purrier New Hampshire- Northeast
4 Sharon Lokedi Kansas- Midwest
3 Charlotte Taylor San Francisco
2 Karissa Schweizer Missouri- Midwest
1 Ednah Kurgat New Mexico


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