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From Becky Wade to Paul Snyder, click on your favorite writer’s name to get redirected to all their great content. As we’ve always said, we’re constantly looking for contributors or story pitches. Write us with any random musings, ideas or questions. We’ll be more than happy to respond. Our team email is [email protected]:

Chris Chavez

Citius Mag founder and writer for Sports Illustrated. Writing about people running on circles for five years. Covered the 2016 Olympics in Rio for SI. Previously at ESPN, Sporting News and Flotrack. Former high school sprinter turned four-time marathoner. Once went head-to-head with Joey Fatone in a half-marathon and won.

Paul Snyder

Meme-disparager, avid jogger, MS Paint artist, friend of Scott Olberding, Citius Mag staff writer based in Flagstaff. Supplying baseless opinions, lukewarm takes, and vaguely running-related content. Once witnessed television star and notorious douchebag Michael Rapaport cut a line of 30 people to get a slice of pizza at John’s on Bleeker at 4am.

Stephen Kersh

Former collegiate runner for University of Portland and Georgetown, currently a professional runner weighing sponsorship offers from no one. Enjoys using the internet to message Scott Olberding and Paul Snyder about bad story ideas. Does not assume he will work at Citius much longer due to the bad story ideas. He once gave a TED Talk titled “Twitter: How We Are All Just Shouting into a Vacuum” to his best friend and his girlfriend on the beaches of Connecticut.

Ryan Sterner

Hobby jogger and soup enthusiast whose work has appeared in a number of highly esteemed publications such as Flotrack, The Howard Lake Herald Journal and Ebaum’s World. Currently a resident of Los Angeles, where he spends most of his time indoors.

Scott Olberding

Full-time accountant, amateur marathoner and statistics editor for Citius Mag. Focused on creating arithmetic visualization and writing narrative for data-centric athletic ideas. Founding member of the JBAC and University of Portland Alumnus. Hosted Paul Snyder on his recruiting trip to UP, taking him to an Astronomy class. Although Paul did not commit, they have since become great friends.

Jeanne Mack

Once raced in a poodle shirt which may or may not be a shirt for a poodle. Unfortunately the type of person who does not let little kids win at competitive games. Often cries while running. Currently in grad school to learn to write sentences with subjects. East Coast transplant to Flagstaff, missing NYC bodegas, New England accents and Rhode Island Del’s, but not urine-and-vomit scented subway rides.

Jesse Squire

He likes track and beer.

Becky Wade

Born and bred Texan, Rice University grad, recent Colorado transport. Specializing in the 3K Steeplechase and Marathon. Forever milking my year-long trip through running cultures around the world. Author of “Run the World: My 3,500-Mile Journey Through Running Cultures Around the Globe” which is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Kevin Liao

Sacramento-based amateur runner, photographer and writer. Once interviewed Taoufik Makhloufi in French. Enjoys politics a lot.

Andrew Wise

A decent steeplechaser and journalist running and writing in Bellingham, Washington. He’s working on degrees in Journalism and Environmental Policy at Western Washington University, but when it starts raining he’d rather be back home in the mountains of Colorado.

Nicole Bush

Professional runner for New Balance and studying journalism at Michigan State University. 2013 U.S. Champion in the 3,000 meter steeplechase.

Pat Price

Mortgage Banker, Race Director, Home Brewer. Sometime Writer, Full Time Southerner based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Jenny DeSouchet

Former runner at CU Boulder and now writes about being healthy and eating brownies made of sweet potatoes at

Ammar Moussa

Former runner at CU Boulder. All-American and two-time national champion in cross country for the Buffaloes. Now working in Washington D.C.

Justin Britton

Photographer. Co-founder of ARunnersEye. Grew up on Long Island, and am a pizza snob. Based in California, keeping a year-round tan while still logging junk miles.

Spencer Brown

Georgetown University cross country and middle distance runner from Connecticut. Vlogger and mastermind behind “The Athlete Special.”


Who knows?

Mike Cassidy

A proud native of Staten Island, NY, Mike started running in high school, which is another way of saying he was too short for the basketball team. He once finished the NYC Marathon holding hands with Meb Keflezighi. This ranks as his second proudest running moment, after that time he broke 60 for the quarter. When he’s not running, Mike is a Scarlet Knight, both because he is pursuing his PhD in Economics at Rutgers and because his pale Irish skin is mightily susceptible to sunburn.

Chris Heuisler

Travels and runs. For a living with Westin. Also likes to wear headbands.

RJ McNichols

Sports documentary producer based in LA. For the last 5 years, he’s created videos within the world of running for sites like Flotrack. He has produced and released his own Documentaries such as 16 2 1 and Beyond, and Running Away to Flagstaff. More recently, he wrapped editing the Documentary, The 41st Day: The Journey of Ryan Hall, which is set to release later this year.

Ford Palmer

Professional runner for HOKA One One. Used to have trouble trying to break four minutes for the mile and now boasts a 3:54 personal best. Vegan.

Kevin Krohn

Ran XC and track at the University of Portland in a bygone era and is stoked to finally be putting that English degree to good use. He’s trying to get more than 35 Twitter followers.

Jake Stout

Used to be a running bum in Boise, Idaho but now spends his time in Portland, Oregon working as a physical therapist at Physio PDX. Additionally, he balances his role as assistant track and XC coach at Roosevelt High with fatherhood and karaoke.

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