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August 20, 2017

“I’m back:” beleaguered blogging jogger takes aim at niche division victory

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I last disclosed anything to you all–let alone details of my physical wellbeing.

Following the debacle that was Debajo Dos, I withdrew from the jogging/blogging limelight. But effective immediately: I am back. After two false starts to my comeback (one for a low-grade bacterial infection and subsequent debilitation from antibiotics, the other for a bad case of yoga-induced turf-toe), I am finally, finally back.

The New Balance 5th Avenue Mile takes place the morning of Sunday, September 10th, and I’ll be toeing the line in the Media Mile–a division explicitly and exclusively for those of us more nimble with a pen than on our feet. And I will be attempting to win.

As usual, I’ll share my training with you all here in the form of weekly blog posts. Wish me luck.

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