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Video features from CITIUS MAG

July 9, 2018

Inspired By Gwen Jorgensen’s Spikes, One Citwit Got Creative

Inspired by Gwen Jorgensen’s customized pair of Nike Vaporfly 4% spikes, one Citwit decided to get creative with his own pair of spikes.

May 23, 2018

The Joggler: A Story on Zach Prescott – (CITIUS MAG’s First Mini Documentary)

Watch CITIUS MAG’s first-ever mini-documentary on Zach Prescott, the Boston University runner who ran a 4:43.2 mile while juggling three balls.

April 1, 2018

The Alberto Salazar ESPN 30 For 30 Documentary You’ve Been Waiting For

“Bad Boys For Life: The Story of Alberto And Diddy.” The film will follow Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and his effort to run the 2003 ING New York City Marathon.

March 27, 2018

First Things First: A New Citius Mag Video Series – First Guest: Robby Andrews

First Things First gives viewers an inside look at elite athletes training in Flagstaff while eating hamburgers and answering questions at the same time.

December 8, 2017


The final installment of the HOKA NAZ ELITE documentary “183.4” is live! The documentary follows the team’s journey as they prepare for several marathons.

November 27, 2017

EPISODE 2: 183.4 (NAZ Elite Documentary)

Watch Aaron Braun’s resurgence as a top-American marathoner at the Chicago Marathon and others in the final weeks of training before the Frankfurt Marathon.

November 20, 2017

Dillon Maggard Sets Blue Jeans Mile World Record 4:11.80, Two Days After NCAA Nationals

Dillon Maggard just ran 4:11.80 for the mile in a pair of blue jeans – just two days after he was 6th at the NCAA Cross Country National Championship.

October 12, 2017

Thank you, Meb

Chris Hueisler has worked on a project for months to let influential voices of the running community say thanks to Meb Keflezighi before he retires.

October 3, 2017

Episode 1 | One Eighty Three Point Four

Episode of 1 of the Northern Arizona Elite documentary One Eighty Three Point Four. Take a look inside the marathon training of seven athletes.

July 31, 2017

Watch: BYU’s Rory Linkletter runs 4:16.00 blue jeans mile world record at 4,000+ feet

BYU’s Rory Linkletter ran a 4:16:00 mile at 4,600+ feet of elevation in Provo, Utah to set a new Blue Jeans Mile World Record.

July 31, 2017

WATCH: Records fall at NYC Blue Jeans Mile (Spencer Brown 4:16.38, Jackie Katzman 5:29.13)

Last Thursday night, the Blue Jeans Mile record books were re-written at the CITIUS MAG x Lost Boys Track Club Blue Jeans Mile at the East River Park track in New York City. Spencer Brown, best known for his accomplishments as a middle distance runner for Georgetown or his Youtube channel “The Athlete Special”, ran a men’s world record time of 4:16.63 to win the final race of the night. Jackie Katzman, a runner from Cornell, led three women under the previous women’s world record with her 5:29.30 in the first race of the night.

The previous official world record of 4:34.3 was ran by Pierce Flanders in Topeka, Kansas. Last Thursday morning, an unofficial world record of 4:19 was run by Sean Keveren in Nashville, Tennessee but it was later determined that his jeans did not comply with the 100% cotton or denim regulation that we initially set forth in our introduction to the event. We recognized the time but put an asterisk next to it.

Jackie Katzman finished fifth overall in the first section of the race but became the first woman to run under 5:30 with her 5:29.13. Leigh Anne Sharek crosse the finish line just a second behind her in 5:30.87. Lena Placzek ran 5:1.25 to also get under Anna Saats’ previous world record of 5:56.56.

It was a great time. Lots of laughs were shared. This really escalated into something much bigger than we ever imagined. The next big attempt will come from Utah on Monday morning as NCAA 10K runner-up Rory Linkletter attempts his own blue jean mile on BYU’s track. On Friday night, the Sir Walter Miler will host its own blue jeans mile in collaboration with us and the good folks at Raleigh Denim. More information on that race can be found at the end of this post.

Here are the results of the faster section of the NYC Blue Jeans Mile (Note: Some of our timers didn’t get full names of some of the runners so if you were one of these participants in that’s name is not listed, tweet at us)

  1. Spencer Brown 4:16.63 (WR)
  2. Nick Karam 4:37.89
  3. Pat Donnelly 4:38.82
  4. Kid in Red Adidas Spikes 4:41.87
  5. Kid in Navy Singlet and Green Spikes 4:44.50
  6. Steve Crinick 4:45.83
  7. Matt Smith 4:46.27
  8. Chris Giesting 4:49.49
  9. Matt Crawford 5:01.42
  10. Kid in Dark Singlet with White Number 5:02.74
  11. Kevin Byrne 5:28.65

For an inside look at Spencer Brown’s day and lead-up to the world record, check out the latest episode of The Athlete Special.

Here are the results of our first section of the NYC Blue Jeans Mile(Note: Some of our timers didn’t get full names of some of the runners so if you were one of these participants in that’s name is not listed, tweet at us):

  1. Jonah Shortall 5:16.51
  2. Daniel Medina 5:20.20
  3. William Maghak 5:24.27
  4. Dean D’Addario 5:27.96
  5. Jackie Katzman 5:29.13 (WR)
  6. Leigh Anne Sharek 5:30.87
  7. Dennis ____ 5:36.37
  8. David Meclinsky 5:40.87
  9. Bobby Judge 5:40.97
  10. Lena Placzek 5:51.25
  11. Ali ____ 5:51.80
  12. Omari ____ 6;00.45
  13. Sean Baez 6:10.53

And here’s a look at the men’s all-time Blue Jeans Mile list

(With our NYC additions and the NINE competitors that we had in a all-comers meet in Seattle.)

  1. Spencer Brown (NYC) – 4:16.38
  2. Sean Keveren (TN) – 4:19*
  3. Pierce Flanders (KS) – 4:34.3
  4. Nick Karam (NYC) – 4:37.89
  5. Pat Donnelly (NYC) – 4:38.82
  6. Kid in Red Adidas Spikes (NYC) – 4:41.87
  7. Sandy Roberts (NC) – 4:43
  8. Kid in Navy Singlet and Green Spikes(NYC) – 4:44.50
  9. Steve Crinick(NYC) – 4:45.83
  10. Matt Smith (NYC) – 4:46.27
  11. Ben Nagel (IN) – 4:49.0
  12. Chris Giesting 4:49.49
  13. Drew Polley (WA) – 4:49
  14. Jordan Anderson (WA) – 4:52
  15. Brandon Sotelo (TX) – 4:54
  16. Pete Hanson (WA) – 4:57
  17. Tahoma Doyon (WA) – 5:00
  18. Matt Crawford (NYC) – 5:01.42
  19. Kid in Dark Singlet with White Number 5:02.74
  20. Hunter Hall (TN) – 5:04
  21. Tucker ??? – 5:04.06
  22. Waqar Shaikh (WA) – 5:06
  23. Ryan Solinsky (WA) – 5:07
  24. Luke Jaramillo (KS) – 5:10
  25. Rylan Brown (KS) – 5:10
  26. Dane Legare (WA) – 5:11
  27. Ian Cropp (KS)  – 5:12
  28. Paul Young (WA) – 5:13
  29. Jonah Shortall (NYC) -5:16.51
  30. Ryan Sterner (CA) – 5:17
  31. Daniel Medina(NYC) – 5:20.20
  32. William Maghak (NYC) – 5:24.27
  33. Dean D’Addario(NYC) – 5:27.96
  34. Kevin Byrne (NYC) – 5:28.65
  35. Dennis ____ (NYC) – 5:36.37
  36. David Meclinsky (NYC) – 5:40.87
  37. Bobby Judge (NYC) -5:40.97
  38. Ali ____  (NYC) – 5:51.80
  39. Omari ____(NYC) – 6;00.45
  40. Sean Baez (NYC) – 6:10.53

The women’s all-time list is below:

  1. Jackie Katzman (NYC) – 5:29.13
  2. Leigh Anne Sharek (NYC) – 5:30.87
  3. Lena Placzek (NYC) – 5:51.25
  4. Anna Staats (MD) – 5:56.56
  5. Hillary Shaw (WA) – 6:04
  6. Liza Rectro (MD) – 8:08.51

For more information on racing the Blue Jeans Mile at Sir Walter Miler, check here

July 27, 2017

Watch: Sean Keveren runs 4:19* Blue Jeans Mile

Sean Keveren runs a 4:19 Blue Jeans Mile but we’re putting an asterisk next to it due to a controversial cotton percentage.

July 23, 2017

Watch: Ben Nagel runs 4:49.0 Blue Jeans Mile world junior record

Watch 17-year-old Ben Nagel set the Blue Jeans Mile world junior boys record by running 4:49 on his high school track in Indiana.

June 27, 2017

Watch: Sandy Roberts runs 4:43 blue jeans mile at Sir Walter Pop Up Mile

Watch as Sandy Roberts, a 4:01 miler, clocked a 4:43 mile in a pair of blue jeans. Citius Mag presents the Raleigh Denim Blue Jeans Mile on Aug. 4

May 11, 2017

A silly cartoon: the fast boy explains how to run your first race!

In a potentially recurring web series, an unnamed protagonist offers helpful pointers on how to do better at running! Let us know what you think of what is likely the first ever running-focused internet cartoon!

[email protected] | [email protected]


March 27, 2017

A sad Blue Jean Mile attempt

Citius Mag issued a challenge to the first person to break four minutes for the mile in jeans. Our own Ryan Sterner took it upon himself to test it out.

February 27, 2017

my addiction: what you really think about when running (a casey neistat spoof)

What do you think about while running? It’s one of two things.

February 23, 2017

Watch: Happy Hour with Jack Daniels

Spend some time with famous running coach Jack Daniels in his Flagstaff home. He is world-famous for writing Daniels’ Running Formula.

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