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March 8, 2018

Calling Citwit Nation! Help Us Donate To Girls Gotta Run

CALLING CITWIT Nation: I just got back from a trip to Ethiopia and decided to share these photos. So for International Women’s Day, CITIUS MAG want to give back to the Girls Gotta Run Foundation.

It’s simple. Shoot us a Venmo (@CITIUSMAG) and we’ll donate what we have at the end of the day (Thursday, March 8) to the foundation.

Here’s how one donation can make a difference to a young woman in Ethiopia:

$10 provides one sport shirt for one girl

$15 provides one pair of shorts or pants

$20 provides transportation for one month for one athlete to and from training and race sites

$25 provides extra food (calorie money) for one athlete for one month

$30 provides one sports uniform for one athlete

$35 provides one sports bra for a girl runner

$50 provides one pair of running shoes

$60 provides an entire month’s food for one athlete for one month

$75 provides one pair of shoes and one sports outfit for one girl

$100 provides one coach’s subsidy for 3 months (for part time work)

$100 provides an athlete the opportunity to travel to domestic competitions

$600 sponsors an athlete for a year

Here’s some photos from my trip to Ethiopia and a glimpse at some of the girls that you’d be helping:

Let’s do some good CITWIT Nation. We donated $100 of our own to start and within the first hour, we were approaching $400. You guys, rock!

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