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The Lost Interview: Karsten Warholm On Chasing Kevin Young, Chats with Edwin Moses, The Perfect Race


“For me, it’s about always looking at my next race as my next big chance and always trying to prove myself at my next big chance.”

This conversation with Karsten Warholm took place in October 2020. This is a never-before-heard interview that was supposed to run online as a Q&A but never ended up finding the right time to get published so it stayed in my archives for a bit. So this all before he became the world record holder and Olympic champion by running 46.70 at the Oslo Diamond League in July and then an incredible 45.94 at the Tokyo Olympics.

We touch on the world records, his progression as a star and what his expectations were for 2021, talking with Edwin Moses, watching Kevin Young and much more.

Knowing what we know now, it’s really cool hearing his thoughts just months ago about taking down a long-standing world record.

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karsten warholm gold medal world record 400 meter hurdles


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