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August 29, 2017

Pumped Up Picks: Sara Hall’s Pre-Race Playlist

To put it lightly, Sara Hall’s got range.

She’s clocked a 4:08 for 1,500m, a 2:28:26 marathon and has won major national titles at just about everything in between. She divides her time between sea-level Redding, California and 8,200-feet-high Sululta, Ethiopia with a 20-30-hour trip each way. And as the world learned and fell in love with back in 2015, Sara divides her days between running professionally and parenting. The four daughters she and husband Ryan adopted from Ethiopia are now 7, 10, 15, and 17 years old.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Sara’s taste in music runs the gamut too. From electronic violin to mellow Christian, this is how one of America’s most versatile runners gets ready to roll:

“I love running to music and wish it was possible to race listening to it!” Sara says. “But since it’s not possible I only run to music at times so that I am practicing focusing in the silence as well. At times I utilize music to lock in to a beat when I want to just ‘zone out’ and not think, and prefer something with a fast, consistent beat and inspiring lyrics.”

“I’m late to the party on this but just discovered to Lindsey Stirling and never get tired of running to her electric violin/ dance albums in the second half of a 2:30 long run,” she added. “On my easy runs I choose songs that lead me into worshipping God in a more active way than when I’m running hard. I have my best prayer time when I’m moving, including running. As a busy mom I’ve come to really value this quiet focused time on my own to worship God and pray over different areas of life.”

Find Sara’s entire pre-race playlist below, and cheer her on as she prepares for and races the Frankfurt Marathon on October 29.

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