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January 25, 2018

55% of People Think A Relay Baton Has One Hole

So we posed the question on Twitter with a thought-provoking post on whether a track and field relay baton has one or two holes. We posted the blog and then attached a poll. 848 people participated in the poll and 55% of voters believe that a relay baton has just one hole.

Here are some of the answers and reasoning from Citwit Nation:

Will Geohegan: Do you consider your mouth and your butthole to be one hole? [Kersh sent him the article and then he replied with, “So you’re saying yes unless your bowels happen to be obstructed.”

The Price of A Mile Podcast: Infinite Holes.

Little Jimmy: If you really think about it, the correct answer is that a baton has NO HOLES.

Nick Karam: Aren’t bullet paths describes with an enter and exit hole even though it’s the same shot?

Citizenvelo: A relay baton IS a hole. The runner holds onto the time that the baton represents.

Zach Kughn: I announced the headline to the coaching staff. They immediately say one, end of discussion. After reading, many laughs were had. But the consensus is one hole

JPflavin: Straws have two, batons have one.

tjbrookstfxc: One. Think of it as an extrusion that cuts all the way through.

Whatbird_12.6: Zero, a hole has an ending to it/ an opening on only one side

tcass20: One hole, a cylinder is homeomorphic to a donut

Jensaintjean: There is an opening on both sides so air can pass through & not stop the air flow. Whether mathematicians say one or two hole

riverflatley: If you dug all he way through the earth from one side there is one hole because you only dug one hole. This is the same thing, there is one hole not two holes that touch each other.

Noah Dawn: I think of it in two different ways… Both giving me just one hole. If I were trying to find the volume of the cylinder I would take integrate to get volume of the cylinder minus the volume of THE hole (notice that says hole not holes). Also if I were to draw this on engineering software I would draw the cylinder and then draw a circle and subtract it to make THE hole (once again not plural). Plain and simple… It’s one hole!

One Noah hit us with that knowledge, we knew this had gone to far.

PS: Apologies to the university of Texas. Apparently, we have reportedly destroyed the locker room culture for the Longhorns.

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