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May 7, 2017

Latest Banksy provides hard-hitting commentary on Nike’s Breaking2 project

Banksy, the prolific yet anonymous British graffiti artist, provocateur, and political activist strikes again, this time, offering a searing take on this weekend’s Breaking2 attempt. The untitled piece seemingly appeared overnight on a wall in London’s Kensington neighborhood, and was first spotted this morning by a roving pack of exercising pensioners.

It depicts two submarines (“subs,” as they’re colloquially known in street artist parlance), with a no-symbol surrounding them; as if to say “two sub, sub two–doesn’t matter, didn’t happen, and maybe, just maybe, sub-two was inside each and every one of us all along.”

And of course, in addition to this wildly throught-provoking, proclamation that leaves us questioning if we own things, or if things own us, Banksy left his signature calling card, the iconic “by: Banksy” mark scrawled on his urban canvas.

Truly remarkable work by a the day’s boldest philosopher and thought-leader.

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