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July 11, 2017

Anna Staats sets women’s world record, world junior record for Blue Jeans Mile

18-year-old Anna Staats ran 6:13.75 for the Blue Jeans Mile at the Chesapeake Bay Running Club Summer Track Series at St. Mary’s College in Maryland. The time is a world junior blue jeans mile record and a world record/lead by a woman.

“I guess I really wanted to do it to do it. I kinda figured I’m at the perfect age to pull a stunt like this and might as well go for it when I could. I mean it’s not everyday you can go run a race in jeans.”

Staats ran for Great Mills High School and will be attending the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She will be running for the college’s club team. If you’re the varsity team, you should consider welcoming on a record-holder.

It is believed that this may be the first blue jeans mile contested by a woman.

We have inspected the jeans and they were 100% cottom by Who, What, Wear. She finished fourth overall in the race. There were nine competitors and she was the top woman. She also negative split the race.

womens blue jeans mileHere is Staats’ recollection of the race:

“The first thing I thought was ‘Wow I can’t lift my leg.’ I got fairly loose jeans (Mom jeans if you will) and it was still hard to move. I was also really hoping that I could go sub 6:15. It was also 95 degrees at race time so I was a little worried about sweat and overheating. It was actually a lot easier than I thought. Because it was so hot anyway wearing jeans didn’t make much of a difference. I’d definitely do one of these again especially if other people wore jeans too.”

The current men’s world leading time is 4:43 by Sandy Roberts in Raleigh, North Carolina. He will contest the Blue Jeans Mile again on Aug. 4 at the Sir Walter Miler.

For more information on racing the Blue Jeans Mile at Sir Walter Miler, check here. There will also be a Blue Jeans Mile organized by the Lost Boys Track Club on July 27 in New York City.

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