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June 30, 2017

Watch: Brandon Sotelo runs 4:54 for the Blue Jeans Mile

Our own Brandon Sotelo decided to get his nice pair of denim jeans out for a low key Thursday night all-comers meet in Fort Worth, Texas to tackle the Blue Jeans Mile. Without jeans, he believed he was capable of running 4:40 and so we set the goal time of running 5:00 or possibly getting under.

He forgot to wear a belt and we didn’t account for the seconds that it takes to adjust your jeans but regardless, he went out in 69 seconds with the leaders and held on for third place in his heat.

4:54 puts him at No. 2 in the world list. Sandy Roberts’ 4:43 from Tuesday night remains No. 1.

Chatter has already started about upcoming Blue Jeans Miles in New York City and Austin before the Sir Walter Miler Blue Jeans Mile on Aug. 4. If you’re organizing a blue jeans mile among friends and want to let us know, slide into our Twitter DMs.

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