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May 18, 2018

Get Your CITIUS MAG x ArtiKen Bracelets Now

We’re excited to announce a limited-time partnership with ArtiKen to make CITIUS MAG beaded bracelets from Kenya.

If you’re a reader, listener or fan of CITIUS MAG, show it off. You’ve seen these bracelets on pro athletes ranging from Paul Chelimo to Matthew Centrowitz. ArtiKen makes handmade bracelets in Kenya and gives a 10% of proceeds back to Kenya via different charities. Every product purchased helps provide a full-time job to a local artisan in Kenya and clean water to projects throughout their country.

Also: If you’re a fan of the site, please consider donating to it. Visit to pledge any dollar amount that will go to paying freelance writers and allows the site to continue putting out entertaining and insightful content. If you donate $8/month or more, you are eligible to buy CITIUS MAG Track Club merch including our FIRE singlet that’s been winning races around the country.

This is a limited time and discounted offer with ArtiKen so order your bracelet between now and June 1.
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