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March 10, 2017

DumbFloConfessions, Vol. 1

Athletics is a world of obvious regularity. Pure passion, dedication and consistency help athletes, runners, jumpers, throwers and pole vaulters (?) keep the wheels turning. It is fairly easy as an outsider to understand these facets of an athlete’s life: training day in and day out, developing team camaraderie, pushing your body and mind to the limits.

What often goes overlooked but should not be under-appreciated are the many things that happen behind the scenes and inside the athlete’s mind. Trust us, there’s some crazy stuff out there that often doesn’t make the front page. We’re here to share some of these things that might not normally be shared, but are integral to the experience and identity of any athlete.

We’ve asked our followers at @Dumbflotrack to submit their deepest and darkest dirt, and we’re teaming up with Citius Mag to bring you the top 15 responses weekly!

Below are our top 15 #DumbFloConfessions from March 3, 2017.

*Users can submit their confessions weekly to @dumbflotrack. Use hasthag #DumbFloConfessions so that we can see your submission. If you’d like to be anonymous, DM @dumbflotrack, but still use the hashtag.

And to say that it’s not a contact sport… wear a helmet next time, Kayla.

Us too, Cory… us too.

I used to just stop abruptly, sit down, and wait for somebody to notice…

No comment….

There’s nothing in this life more gratifying than messing with freshmen.

Nick, you’re the best and the worst kind of coach for this.

And the truth comes out! We appreciate the honesty. Still an impressive feat (feet?).

We’d have kept this one anonymous too….

This one isn’t a user submission…

Thanks for reading your/our confessions. This is a safe place. Share yours using the hasthtag, and tune in next time!


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