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June 13, 2018

Mailbag: What Is The Fastest Mile Run While In Med School?

This email got me thinking today!

My Dearest Christopher,

Just wondering about post-collegiate runners, specifically guys in medical school.  Besides the obvious: Roger Bannister. Are there guys who have trained and run fast during their time in med school?  I’ve seen some foreign names like Curtis Robb and Thomas Wessinghage but what about American guys?  I’m sure Miles Batty has dropped a nice time since BYU.

Donald T. McDonald

I’ve known Don McDon for about seven years now. He was in my college orientation group at Marquette University. He offered up a very interesting question. What’s the fastest mile run by someone while in med school? It’s an oddly specific list to try and track down. If you’re a reader of CITIUS MAG, you know that we love the mile. I find this particularly interesting because Don might be up there?? He just ran 4:14.00 at the Wisco Mile. That’s pretty impressive given how much time is spent studying.

So we’ll put a call out there and update this post with any answers that we get: What are some of the fastest miles run while in med school? Email me: [email protected] if you’ve got any insight or stories.

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