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December 18, 2017

Welcome to Grindfest – Watch Live on Friday

If the best runners in the country got together on one track for a progression run, who would last the longest?

The 5th annual “Grindfest Progression Run” on Friday, December 22 in Milwaukee, WI has your answer.

Tune into our Instagram Story at 7 p.m. CT while runners from all across the nation begin grinding at an initial six minutes per mile, with pace increases after every three laps.

Last year’s race progressed for a punishing 57 minutes and finished in just under 4:40 pace. The event is held indoors at the Pettit National Ice Center’s oversized 443-meter rubber track. Race officials monitor each lap split to ensure the pack stays on pace. If a runner lags behind the pace and falls off, they are permanently pulled from the race. When only a few grinders remain, the race comes down to an additional three laps to determine the ultimate champion.

Past champions include:

  • Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier John Dewitt

  • NCAA Division III multiple-time All-American Patrick Jenkins

  • NCAA Division III 10,000m record holder (28:38), and recent individual champion of the USATF Club Cross Country Nationals Ian Lamere

  • Professional runner Joe Stilin of ZAP Fitness, whose personal bests include a 3:39 in the 1500m and a blistering 13:32 in the 5,000m.

To find out how far the top runners can grind, tune into the CitiusMag Instagram Story on Friday for live updates, a livestream of the finish and general distance running nerdery.

Use the links below for more information, grind coverage or to RSVP to the event!

Instagram: grindfest_progression_run

Facebook group: Grindfest: The biggest progression run you’ve been a part of

Facebook event: Grindfest progression run 2017

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