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October 27, 2017

Recommended Halloween Costumes For Runners

There’s always that one person on your cross country team that thinks it would be funny to dress up as Steve Prefontaine for Halloween knowing that maybe one non-runner at a party would be able to understand the reference. In recent years, runners have decided on even more obscure costumes and dressed up as Kyle Merber for Halloween. We’ve seen it on Twitter. How do you explain that to someone? “I’m this professional runner who has very good tweets and he wears a headband. Get it?” A blank stare will follow and they’ll slowly walk away. We’re totally sure there’s also been two people who decided to dress up as Jordan Hasay and Alexi Pappas together.

Because runners are strange, we’ll encourage that behavior but let’s put together some cooler costumes. Here’s a list of possible Halloween costume ideas and what you’ll need to properly execute them:

Galen Rupp

Get a white singlet (you can choose whether or not you want it to be oversized like the one he wore in Boston) and cut some holes in it. Wear a white hat. Have a friend with your other hats handing them over to you throughout the night. Also, don’t get the nasal strips!

Colby Alexander

Wear your best HOKA gear but also rep those Cleveland Indians hard. Drink lots of water and eat ice cream.

Blonde Matthew Centrowitz

Grab a pink singlet. Make sure to cut your hair really short and dye it all blonde. Be sure to write out the word CITIUS on your back right shoulder blade. Be sure to practice all your cool dance moves and celebrations before going out.

Edward Cheserek

Wear an over-sized Oregon or Skechers singlet and then  follow behind four of your friends and when you turn onto the driveway sprint to the front.

Noah Droddy

This one is too easy. Long black wig. Fake mustache. Get a Saucony singlet. Wear a cool hat backwards and tell people that Dale Earnhardt tweeted about you during the Chicago Marathon. Pretty much, if you had a Steve Prefontaine costume but this is more topical now.

Craig Engels

The Oregon Project seems to be pretty easily costume-able. Engels is no exception. Rock a mullet and a mustache. Wear an Oregon Project or Ole Miss singlet. Speak in that nice North Carolina drawl and if it’s your turn at the mic for karaoke then belt out Wagon Wheel at the top of your lungs.

Grigory Rodenchekov

This one will resonate with those who have seen Icarus on Netflix. Wear a plaid shirt and jeans. Add a little bit of gray hair. Don a fake mustache. Talk like you are Cousin Bellic from Grand Theft Auto 4. Walk around with a couple fake syringes but also put a little whistle around your neck since you became the whistleblower for the big Russian doping scandal.

Isaac Makwala

If you do this costume then you can’t puke at the end of the night or they won’t let you run. Find a Botswana singlet. Soak it in water to pretend like you just ran a solo 200m time trial in the rain. Just drop down and do push-ups at the party all the time.

Steve Magness

Don a red polo shirt. Snag some glasses and walk around with multiple copies of Peak Performance. (Available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and wherever books are sold today)

LetsRun Poster

Don’t let anyone know your name but insult a bunch of people and sometimes accuse them of doing drugs.

Jama Aden

No one would get this one at a party but just haul a bag with 60 fake syringes around.

Sydney McLaughlin

You can use that Kentucky basketball jersey that you had from the John Wall days and just hurdle over a bunch of things. You’ll also need maybe some lacrosse balls or something to juggle because she’s very talented at that.

Emma Coburn and Courtney Frerichs

You could be blonde for this costume. Run around in your USA gear, act surprise a lot and then fall to the ground while embracing each other a bunch. Don’t forget the gold and silver medals around your neck. It’s a great moment for your country and one of the best in world championship history. And maybe if you have other friends, they can be the angry Kenyans around you.

If you’ve got other Halloween costume ideas that could work, tweet them at us: @CitiusMag or email us: [email protected] and we’ll add the best ones.

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