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September 18, 2017

Kenenisa Bekele Doesn’t Seem Too Hype For Berlin

We’ll be hearing more about and from Kenenisa Bekele and the upcoming Berlin Marathon in the next couple days but judging from this interview, you may want to put your money into Eliud Kipchoge or Wilson Kipsang.

Bekele addresses several different topics. He says that his injury that forced him to withdraw from the Dubai Marathon was not too severe. He believes that because his season’s best wasn’t fast enough then he wasn’t selected for the world championship team.

The key moment is when he’s asked about his preparation for Berlin. He describes marathon training as “difficult” and that he prepared well. He noted that it’s 42 kilometers but isn’t ready to say that he’s going to do this or that.

“The challenge was very tough so I want to say I prepared well and we will see during the race what’s going on,” Bekele said.

That’s a stark contrast from Kipsang and Kipchoge being pretty open about targeting the marathon world record in recent weeks. Kipchoge even has a jacket that says “BERLIN WR.”

The interviewer even asked specifically about setting records and he said, “I’m not talking about records…my focus is to be in a good result.”

If you watched the interview, he doesn’t seem all that thrilled to even be running a marathon. Bekele has had that calmer demeanor before races but either he may not be hanging with the big boys for too long on Sunday or he’s got one hell of a poker face.

Today, Kevin Liao made the case for why Wilson Kipsang will win the Berlin Marathon. Tomorrow, Joseph O’Connell has the case for Kenenisa Bekele.

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