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February 15, 2017

Wake up to Marty Liquori’s mile at the 1973 AAU Championships at MSG

“Now this is the race that could establish whether Marty Liquori is the greatest miler the Garden has ever seen.”

Liquori was 13–0 coming into the race and had never broken four minutes for the mile. Before the race, the announcer predicted Henryk Szordykowski would be Liquori’s biggest rival and there was a little bit of contact to back that claim up. (Watch closely at 3:27)

Reggie McAfee, who led for most of the race, ended up being the guy to challenge Liquori.

Shoutout to Brent Musburger, who recently called his final broadcast with ESPN, on the post-race interview with Liquori.


  1. Marty Liquori 4:03.5
  2. Reggie McAfee 4:03.5
  3. Howell Michael 4:03.7
  4. Duncan Macdonald 4:06.5
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