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May 11, 2018

A Little NBA Talk With A Track Analogy

The CITIUS MAG staff is not just a bunch of running geeks. We also enjoy other sports that involve balls. The news that Dwane Casey was fired as head coach of the Toronto Raptors was especially interesting in our Slack channel because we put it into running terms. This is a really short and dumb blog but we decided to share it with our readers.

Chris: Do you think firing Dwane Casey is sort of like firing your coach because you keep making it to the Olympics but you never medal?

Ryan: Man, it has to be. But also, Casey has to get their mind right. How do you lose to LeBron James 10 times in a row?

Chris: It’s LeBron James. That’s what happens when you’re an athlete or team in an era where you’re facing one of the greatest athletes in your respective sport. I like to think of this as being a sprinter in the Usain Bolt era. You could be like Churandy Martina. He went 0-for-23 in his career against Bolt. That’s a real stat. What’s worse?

Ryan: Churandy Martina definitely. Does he run for some Scandinavian country?

Chris: He’s a Dutch sprinter from Curacao.

churandy martina vs usain bolt

Ryan: Right. I wonder who picks up Casey…I’m sure the Knicks are pissed because they could’ve held out for him instead of hiring David Fizdale.

Chris: The Bucks! But I was optimistic for Becky Hammon getting that job so that would be a buzzkill.

Ryan: What about Memphis?

Chris: They hired JB Bickerstaff.

Ryan: Have the Hawks made a hire yet?

Chris: Nope. Mike Budzenholder is out bur he might go to the Raptors now with that vacancy open.

Ryan: I could see Casey being the next Hawks head coach.

Chris: What about Churandy Martina as the next Raptors head coach?

(20 minutes go by without Ryan responding)

Ryan: At the end of the day, the Raptors are all winners because they get to hang out with Drake.

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