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Athletic Experience Podcast: Will Claye discusses Rio, training, his music career and fashion

Real quick announcement. You’ll see a few podcasts popping up on our site from time to time as we try to build a little podcast network among friends. The latest addition is The Athletic Experience Podcast with U.S. decathlete Tom FitzSimons. We first came across this podcast when they had a whole episode dedicated to imagining what if all of the world record holders competed in a decathlon. They’ve also had great interviews with Ashton Eaton, Dan O’Brien and many more insightful guests so it’s worth checking out their archives as well. 

Their latest episode is with Olympic medalist Will Claye.

Claye joins the show to talk about what it takes to become the world’s most versatile horizontal jumper. He is the only man since 1936 to medal in the long jump & triple jump in the same Olympic Games. He also chats about training, technique, the world record, music, his clothing line, training partners and more.

Check out the latest episode below on Soundcloud:

Subscribe to their podcast on iTunes as well.

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