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Camille Herron After Running A World Record 162.9 Miles On A Track In 24 Hours

Camille Herron joins the show after she ran at the the Desert Solstice Invitational at a local high school in Phoenix. It’s not your average track meet at a high school. It was a 24-hour track race. She ran a stunning 162.9 miles over 24 hours and finished her first 100 miles in 13 hours and 25 minutes, both new world records on a track.

Herron only started focusing on ultrarunning in 2015 after her successful marathon career, in which she won 21 events and qualified for the trials three times. The Oklahoma City native won the Comrades Marathon, a grueling 89K race in South Africa, in 2017, and she entered the Desert Solstice after scratching from several races due to a femur injury.

Only 33 runners were invited to compete in the meet, which serves as a qualifier for the 24-hour U.S. national team. (Competitors had to previously run at least 124 miles in 24 hours or 100 miles in less than 17 hours and 30 minutes.)

I caught up with Herron on Tuesday for this interview, which initially ran as a Q&A that you can read on – the link is in the show notes. Now for my podcast listeners, this is the full interview. Uncut. So you get a little extra than what’s online to read. We discuss her training, performance and how Taco Bell and beer helped her run just under 656 laps on the track. It’s a remarkable performance and I think you’ll enjoy the episode so let’s start the show.

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Want to see more of Desert Solstice? Check out this cool video.

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