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Eric Senseman on Black Canyon 100K Redemption + Ultrarunning for Dummies

“One of the big keys that I’ve found in the last couple years is a lot of success in the sport starts with your attitude about a race. I think in particular, it requires a lot of confidence. When I’ve been asked about this before, I’ve said that you just have to be really good at lying to yourself. You just have to believe things that probably aren’t rational. You have to convince yourself of things that probably aren’t true. Like, ‘I’m going to beat Max King in this race’ for example. That’s something I actually believed and was probably super irrational. You have to convince yourself that you can beat anyone on that start line on that day. I’ve gotten really good at that mental side of the sport.”

Eric Senseman is a professional ultra and trail runner for the Coconino Cowboys, HOKA One One and Rabbit. He joins the CITIUS MAG Podcast for a lighthearted chat about his running roots what led him to the longest of the long distance running scenes. He’s run 50K in 3:06:54, 50 Miles in 5:46:54 and 100K in 7:46:19. He most recently secured his place at 2019 Western States by finishing third at the Black Canyon 100K.

Eric will be running the Lake Sonoma 50 Miler in Healdsburg, California next week. Last year, he ran his first 100-miler at Western States and finished 78th but what draws someone to even want to run 100 miles and train for it?

Be warned, this episodes takes a turn at times and feels like ultrarunning for dummies but that’s because we really want to learn more about it.

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