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Isaac Wood (The Wood Report) previews the 2017 NCAA Cross Country National Championship

Isaac Wood, author of The Wood Report, joins the show to break down the individual and team races at the 2017 NCAA Cross Country National Championships. Isaac is also the director of track and field operations at BYU and with the Cougars being one of the best teams in the country, he’s able to share some insight into their program and how they became a national championship contender.

On Thursday, Isaac released his final projections you can find the links below:

Men’s individual projections and All-Americans

Men’s team projections

Women’s individual projections

Women’s team projections

We take some listener questions from people on Twitter including: How would the races be different if they were both 8K as opposed to 10K for the men and 6K for the women, who could be the biggest disappointments and much more. If you have any more questions for Isaac before the championship, he can try to answer them on Twitter by reaching him: @Wood_Report.

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