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Mo Ahmed, Ryan Hill and Evan Jager Live From Chicago’s Heartbreak Hill Running Co.

“For our group, the mission statement is: Medals. You come to practice every single day. It’s intense. It’s grueling. You see people’s high ambitions and goals and we’ve accepted that.” – Mohammed Ahmed

Chicago! We headed to Heartbreak Hill Running Co. for a special live recording featuring Bowerman Track Club athletes Moh Ahmed, Ryan Hill and Evan Jager alongside Dan Fitzgerald, Chief Heartbreaker and Co-Founder of Heartbreak Hill Running Company.

We spend the first couple minutes of the show marveling at Eliud Kipchoge’s 1:59:40 marathon in Vienna. The guys share how long they think they would be able to hang with the GOAT and what impresses them the most about them.

The guys share the stories about each of their respective starts in the sport, what got them hooked and then how they are using their own experiences to influence the next generation of runners through the Bowerman Track Club’s programs with youth runners. Plus, they shed some insight into bridging the gap between the running community’s general population and those who are knowledgable about the sport after a few days with Heartbreak Hill Running Co.

Individually, Moh puts listeners in his shoes for his bronze medal run from the recent IAAF World Championships in Doha. Ryan Hill shares where he’s been in 2019 and how overcoming an Achilles injury was able to set him up for 2020. Evan Jager details his injury-plagued year and what it was like to miss out on the world championships.

All of that and more including the final four questions that we ask every guest, which yielded some incredibly funny anti-doping stories from the guys.

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