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Reed Fischer on His Breakout 62:06 Half Marathon, Tinman Elite’s Culture, Marathon Plans?

Reed Fischer joins the CITIUS MAG Podcast for the first time as a solo act. Last time he was on the show, he was a member of the Tinman Elite panel from a special taping in Des Moines. Reed is coming off a very strong showing at the 2019 Houston Half Marathon, where he finished 10th overall in 62:06 and was the top American.

Fischer is just 23 years old but has emerged as a budding star on the U.S. distance running scene while training under Tom Schwartz. His run in Houston was more than a 50-second personal best. Fischer has been able to accomplish all of this early success in his professional career without an agent or major shoe company sponsor. However, after we finished taping, he said that he plans to make an announcement on Tuesday about a change. Keep your eyes on his Instagram account.

Here’s what he wrote in his race recap on the Tinman Elite official website about Houston:
“Still feeling good, but it’s these moments of solitude before the chaos of this morning that allow my mind to wander into corners, both positive and negative. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious. This is only my second half and I’ll be going up against some of the most experienced Americans on the roads right now. But that’s fine—they’ll lean on their experience to pull them through, I’ll lean on my lack of it. I’m excited to be here and excited to be doing this, and I know that’s more true for me than most of the field this morning. That gives me an edge that experience cannot: an unearned and unexpected level of confidence. I’m still the dark horse in this field.”

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