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Ryan Sterner Re-Visits The Beauty and Carnage of the Marathon

Ryan Sterner, one of the other co-founders behind CITIUS MAG, joins the podcast to discuss his 74th place finish at the Los Angeles Marathon. If you would’ve spoken to Ryan about two years ago, it sounded like he would never run a marathon and now things have really changed. We finally peel back the curtain into his own running history, his relationship with the sport, what hooked him into training again and whether all of his assumptions about the marathon were right.

Plus: Ryan shares a very funny story about his workout with the Colorado Buffaloes in front of Mark Wetmore.

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The following pieces complement this podcast well:

The Beauty and Carnage of the Marathon

It’s the 7 year anniversary of shitting my pants

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Photo of Ryan Sterner by Jason Suarez – Follow him @NotAfraid2Fail on Instagram

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