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Scott Fauble on Writing Inside A Marathon, 7th Place in NYC, Boston 2019 Plans

Scott Fauble joins the CITIUS MAG Podcast (Presented by Strava) to discuss his new book, Inside A Marathon, which you can read an excerpt from the book on our site now. Scott is coming off a seventh place finish at the New York City Marathon in November and clocked a personal best of 2:12:28. On Tuesday, it was announced that he will be running in the 2019 Boston Marathon.

We delve into the process of writing a book with his coach Ben Rosario, how the idea came about and where he drew inspiration from. There’s an Ernest Hemingway mention so stick around for that. Scott puts us in his shoes for the New York City Marathon race for top American that wasn’t seen much on television. We also address some of the criticism that American men’s marathoners have received in the past year for lack of times under 2:10. Why that doesn’t matter to Scott and why the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials are going to be a crazy race. We also touch on the 2018 Boston Marathon fields that were announced. Scott has the eighth-fastest time on paper but we conclude that he’s definitely among the top three Americans going into the race.

We take your listener questions. A lot of questions were asked about Scott’s expertise in burritos including a power ranking of the top four Portland burrito spots.

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The CITIUS MAG Podcast is brought to you by Strava. Personally, I believe Strava is the best app for runners and cyclists to keep track of all their training. It helps keep me accountable as I get ready for the 2019 Tokyo Marathon in March. I’ve been using Strava Summit, which includes extra features with their training an analysis packs. Right now, CITIUS MAG Podcast listeners have a chance to try those Summit features for free. Go to and enter the code citius (all lowercase) at checkout.

Looking for Scott’s book? Make him a New York Times bestselling author by picking up a copy of his work here.

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