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Scott Fauble on training for a marathon debut, 4th place at the Olympic Trials, burritos and more

Former Portland Pilot and NAZ Elite professional distance runner Scott Fauble joins the CITIUS MAG Podcast to chat as he trains for his marathon debut at this fall’s Frankfurt Marathon. We talk everything from transitioning into road racing, envisioning making the Olympics, burritos, a wild story about Woody Kincaid (Bowerman track club runner and host of the Price of A Mile Podcast) and much more.

Fauble dissects the wild and carnage-filled Olympic Trials 10K, where he finished fourth overall. At the Olympic Trials, the top three with the standard head to the Olympics and despite note having the standard, Fauble still had mixed feelings about his fourth-place showing. He’s since focused on the roads and has fared very well and set several personal bests. He breaks down his strengths as a racer and aiming for the highest-finish possible at events.

This week’s episode was brought to you by ROLL Recovery. The company was founded in Boulder, Colorado with one major goal: To design and build revolutionary products to help people recover faster and improve the quality of their life. They have thoughtfully designed products to keep you moving. Be happy. Be healthy. Check them out today.

The photos and artwork for this episode were provided by Sarah Cotton, who is working on a documentary on NAZ Elite. Follow @oneeightythreepointfour on Instagram for updates on the film.

On this week’s episode, I giveaway a R3 foot roller so find out how to do that in the episode and join the prediction contest before Sunday’s 5th Avenue Mile.

Here is a synopsis of Scott’s recovery tips but listen to the episode for his in-depth answers:

  1. You should never stand when you can sit plus you should never sit when you can lay down.
  2. Sleep is incredible. The more research that you read about sleep, the more you believe that it’s the second-most effective way per hour to get ready for something. You can’t train anymore. Sleep is the next most effective way.
  3. Foam rolling and using some of the products from Roll Recovery help work out little injuries before they become big issues. I use the R8 while I watch Netflix instead of reading.

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