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Stephanie Bruce on Patience with Breakthroughs, Young Jeezy, Coming Back From Pregnancy

Several CITIUS MAG Podcast listeners have requested an episode with Stephanie Bruce and we finally made it happen! Steph is on a roll this summer with a third place finish at the U.S. Outdoor Track and Field Championships 10,000 meters, which she then followed up with a win at the AJC Peach Tree 10K (U.S. 10K Championships). That win marked her first U.S. national title and a personal best (32:21) by more than 30 seconds.

We caught up with Stephanie before the end of her summer racing season to discuss how she managed to bottle up her fitness and disappointment from the London Marathon in April and turn it into a breakthrough at 34 years old. A win in Atlanta in 2018 is good but one in 2020 when the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials roll into town would be even better. We discussed the outlook of the women’s marathoning scene and her approach to such a deep era in the sport.

Stephanie is also a mother to two boys. She’s been very open on social media about how she manages to be a good mom and professional runner. We discuss her road back into competitive running post-pregnancy with some advice for other women.

Plus listener questions and a new addition to the famous final three questions. It’s now the Famous Final Four!

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