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Drinking Whiskey with Des Linden

“The race day is the reward. It’s what you put in all those hours for and those segments and sessions. It’s why you get out the door in the morning when you want to hit snooze on the alarm. As nerve-wracking as that is, you have to recognize why you’re nervous and it’s because you care. You put in all this time and energy. The training log, if it looks really good and the better the training goes, you’re almost a little more nervous heading into that race because you have this incredible opportunity to showcase what you’ve been doing…Then you have your moment where you get to go and all eyes are on you. It’s a really cool opportunity to showcase what you’ve been doing. it’s that one day and that special day where you put on the shoes and it means a little bit more. Obviously having eyeballs on you from the community around you watching makes you dig a little deeper but it’s all the hours that you invested over that buildup that you can just dig a little deeper on those days.”

2018 Boston Marathon champion and 2x U.S. Olympic marathoner Des Linden sits back and sips some whiskey to catch up about how she’s been dealing with all the uncertainty amid the coronavirus pandemic. We discuss how she’s gone about appreciating “the process” – which is all we have right now – and the odds of her running the track trials in 2021. How is she framing her career at the moment and looking ahead to what’s next.

More importantly, we get the whiskey aficionado side of Des. We hear about her first introduction to whiskey, where to start if you want to get into it, her best post-race drinks and vacation stories and much more.

Thanks to Brooks Running for setting this up and helping create a cool concept for possible future interviews.

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If you want to watch the conversation, it is available here.

What did we drink? Booker’s, Woodford Reserve and Screwball Whiskey.


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