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More Than Running | Alison Wade of the Fast Women Newsletter

Alison Wade used to operate from 2000 to 2006 and continued covering the sport but worked in other avenues of the running industry. In 2019, she resurrected her coverage in the form of a weekly newsletter that has become a hit within the running community. When she re-launched it, she said: “as a lifelong fan of women’s distance running, I’ve always wished that I could nerd out with more people over the latest news in the sport.” Dana and Alison geek out to peel back the curtain on how she follows the sport and amplifies the coverage of women in running.

On this episode, Dana and Alison discuss:

  • How she balances her time as a mother, coach and author of the newsletter
  • The evolving coverage of running
  • Caring more about the U.S. Olympic track trials compared to the marathon trials
  • Supporting and uplifting all women in the sport
  • The state of female coaches in the sport and her experience within athletic departments
  • What’s giving her more hope in the sport
  • How does the newsletter come together and get to people’s inboxes on Monday morning at 5 a.m.

And much more…

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