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Robby Andrews reflects on Rio, the D.Q, Main Street Elite and chicken parm

2016 U.S. 1,500m Olympian Robby Andrews joins our new podcast as a blizzard ravaged the East Coast on Thursday.

Robby and I reflect on everything he experienced in Rio – from the Opening Ceremonies (snapping a pic with Carmelo Anthony) to the 1,500m disqualification. We took a second to go back to 2013 and figure out how Robby turned around from a disappointing year in which he was hampered by a hernia. We also touched on his relationship with coach Jason Vigilante.

The bell lap portion of the show (final few questions) addresses: Bon Jovi vs. Bruce, his love of cats, where the best chicken parm is in New Jersey, coolest place he’s run and what historical figure he would run with. Final question for all guests going forward: You have 25 half-court shots. If you make one, you get $25 million. If you make none, you go to jail for $25 years. Do you take the shots? Hear Robby’s answer at the end.

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