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Parker Feierbach, Photographer (@IdeaForm)

“I recognize how important the individual is. I used to be extremely oriented around the effacement of the individual and thinking that I, as a single human, am irrelevant to the whole. Because where is your sense of duty? What is it that motivates you to do what you do— and where should that be coming from — and I was dealing with a lot of personal issues. I was thinking: How do I continue to cancel myself in order to not have to think about these things. But I got older and realized that the individual is very important. You can’t have a whole without the individual. And so I’ve been able to look at running and see—this is the individual. This is the power of the individual. This is how a single person interacts with their cultural environment. So shooting runners is really fascinating to me.”

Our latest guest brings us a new and unique perspective to the New York City running community as someone who extremely connected without being much of an avid runner themselves. Parker Feierbach is a photographer and their work has been featured on the cover of Runner’s World, Esquire, BICYCLING, Runaway Mag and many other great publications.

Parker lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, so we took our podcasting gear to their favorite coffee shop. In this wide-ranging conversation, we delve into their background in anthropology and how it’s helped them photograph stories that come from within the subject matter as opposed to just an observer. Their ability to photograph runners one handedly from a moving bicycle in traffic was astounding to our hosts at Orchard Street Runner races so we touch on their background in the cycling world.

Parker is an extremely thoughtful and considerate person. They are very outspoken about native rights and transgender equality. Our conversation meant a ton to us and made me think more deeply about the art of photography. We hope you enjoy the show as well.

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This is Runners of NYC. A new bi-weekly podcast from CITIUS MAG. Hosts Jeanne Mack and Chris Chavez look to bring you many of the untold stories behind luminaries and legends that make up New York City’s running culture.

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