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Runners of NYC: Matthew Luke Meyer of Streets 101, Mile High Run Club

For someone so popular in the running scene, how could we know so little about their history?

Matthew Luke Meyer has quickly become one of the friendliest and most familiar faces in the New York City running scene. He has so much enthusiasm and energy as an instructor with Mile High Run Club and Custom Performance. He also coaches with Streets 101 – one of the newer crews on the scene that drives their runners to push their own limits while sharing in each other’s successes. Before Matt became a 2:42 marathoner, he takes us to his roots in small-town Colorado. Running was still far from becoming his passion. This episode will tell his story on why he started running, how he made major changes to his life and how he’s making a positive impact in the NYC scene.

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This is Runners of NYC. A new bi-weekly podcast from CITIUS MAG. Hosts Jeanne Mack and Chris Chavez look to bring you many of the untold stories behind luminaries and legends that make up New York City’s running culture.

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