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Shalane Flanagan Retires: An American Great Moves to Coaching

“I think there’s this wonderful state of bliss and fatigue that is unlikely anything when you’re in hard training. It’s almost this serene state that you get – almost zen – where you’re so tired but it’s a happy tired. You use your body well and there’s a contentedness that your body can give you. I’ll miss that a lot.”

The Shalane Flanagan Exit Interview!

This is the audio from an article that I wrote for Sports Illustrated last week after Shalane announced her retirement from professional running. She finishes her career with 16 national titles, four Olympic team appearances, an Olympic silver medal in the 10,000 meters from the 2008 Summer Games, a 2011 world cross country silver medal, the third-fastest marathon time by a U.S. woman and a marquee victory at the 2017 New York City Marathon that ended a 40-year drought by American women. Simply put, one of the greatest U.S. distance runners of all-time and certainly one of the most inspiring.

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