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Aaron Couch on creating his own life of outdoor adventure and advocacy

Aaron is a human-powered adventure athlete, as well as an advocate for wildlife and the outdoors. Residing on the Idaho-Wyoming border, Aaron organizes cycling events to raise funds for conservation projects in Jackson Hole and throughout the Teton Valley. Aaron also holds a background in wildlife rehabilitation and conducts volunteer public outreach work with the Teton Raptor Center. From my conversation with Aaron, it is so evident just how passionate he is about the Teton valley and its people, trails, and wildlife. He’s always seeking the next big hiking or biking adventure while encouraging others to reach outside their comfort zones too.
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Quote: “I don’t think it takes a large sum of money, or that you have to wait until you save up to make it a reality. I think that it’s possible now. This lifestyle is a choice…I would say to anybody who’s been feeling that tugging at them— whether it’s a lifestyle change or a difference you want to make in a community—to pursue that, and be willing to make all the sacrifices too.”

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