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Kiera Carter, writer and editor-at-large at Women’s Health, on RED-S in running

This episode is the first in a five-episode series, all about Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (RED-S) and eating disorders. I am excited to start the conversation off with Kiera Carter, writer, editor, and digital strategist, focused primarily on women’s issues, health, fitness, nutrition, and beauty. Kiera is currently the editor-at-large at Women’s Health and has made many important contributions to the running and fitness community through her work.

In November, Kiera wrote an article for Runner’s World entitled, “RED-S is a Real Problem for Some Runners–Here’s What You Need to Know.” In this episode, Kiera and I talk all about RED-S–what it is, what it isn’t, how it overlaps with eating disorders, why it’s so prevalent in the running community, and avenues for change. I hope you enjoy this important conversation and the four, related episodes to come!

*The next issue of Runner’s World hits newsstands on December 29th, 2020

Discussed in this episode:

RED-S vs. eating disorders Why eating disorders are so common among runnersJesse Thomas and disordered eating in male athletes Mary Cain‘s NYTimes op-doc Wesleyan Cross Country, Yuki Hebner’s episode  20% of athletes are not eating enough In sports that emphasize leanness, 47% of female athletes have clinically diagnosed eating disorders  Eating disorders among male cyclists   Long-term effects of RED-S: bone health, stress fractures, osteoporosis, immune system, digestion, Kiera’s article in Marie Claire, “Why is Women’s Body Hair so Offensive?”


“With eating disorders being so common, and disordered eating being so common, it felt like– why should I be hiding in a corner, ashamed of this thing that our culture perpetuates?”

“You know that feeling when you have a really wonderful run…and you get home and stretch and just feel amazing? In those moments, I’m always like: runners can change the world.”

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