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Something In The Water – The Integrated Support System

When one typically thinks of who a track and field club is comprised of, the obvious answer is: athletes and coaches. That’s kind of a given.

However, when it comes to competing at a high level and trying to explore the limits of your potential, the circle has to be expanded to include others. In Guelph they’ve realized that and have built an “Integrated Support Team” that includes nutritional and body mechanic researchers, physiotherapists, massage therapists, sport psychologists and a lot more.

It’s a story of using people already in the community but also attracting some of the brightest minds in the country to the Royal City. This is all in an attempt to make Guelph into one of the major track and field hubs.

On this week’s episode we pay tribute to the professionals who may not run the races themselves, but are so integral in getting the athletes to the starting line.

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