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April 27, 2017

Running Documentaries and Videos You Should Watch No. 3 : Run Mama Run

New York City’s Tribeca Festival has been popping off the past week and nearing the end.  I was quickly reminded how good Daniele Anastasion’s Run Mama Run was. It features Sarah and Darren Brown and it played during this year’s Tribeca Film Festival as part of the ESPN Sports Shorts section.  

Originally debuted as a five-part web series on ESPN W, but for the sake of Tribeca, it was edited into one cohesive film, Anastasion follows Sarah’s buildup during the 2016 Olympic Trials… while Sarah was pregnant.  The film goes deep on training as one of the top 1,500m runners during pregnancy, becoming a mom and then dealing with post pregnancy.

You can tell there was a fair amount of trust from Sarah and Darren based off the amount of access granted to Anastasion was able to capture, even during some of their most intimate moments.  It’s fairly rare to see that in any documentary in the world of running. Anastasion does a great job of playing devils advocate during the film (You’ll see what I mean when she interviews members of Sarah’s Hometown). 

Enjoy our of Chris Chavez’s cameo in the last episode:

chris chavez run mama run cameo

I highly recommend you watch all episodes back to back (only totals around 35 minutes). I think it’s much stronger as one-sitting than it is in five episodes. If you are in New York City, it is playing a couple more days (4/27 and 4/29) at the Tribeca Film Festival.  There are some absolute amazing sports documentary shorts playing alongside the film, especially Colin Hanks’ The Adventures of Wally and the Worm.

Watch episode 1 above and then check out the rest below:

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