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January 31, 2018

We’ve partnered with the Run S.M.A.R.T. Project

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with The Run SMART Project to provide personalized training for runners of all levels. Members of the CITIUS MAG Track Club now have the chance to find out how fast they can run with a custom plan from legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels.

If we’re going to be a real track club with an actual kit and team, we’re going to want our runners to show up ready to bring it on race day. A reminder: You can become a member of the CITIUS MAG Track Club by contributing $8/month to our official Patreon page. We’re going to be releasing our kits very soon.

Back to the Run S.M.A.R.T. Project: here’s a page where you can check out more information about the training plans. All plans are all originally written by Dr. Daniels and then customized by one of our coaches + the VDOT app after reviewing the athlete’s profile .

CITIUS MAG Track Club members get 15% off to any plan from the link above. If interested, shoot us a message [[email protected]] and we’ll get you your personalized promo code.

Here’s to more happy and healthy running!

ICYMI: Our video with Dr. Daniels from last year

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