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June 13, 2018

Running Things Considered: Is Steve Prefontaine Overrated? One Caller Thinks So

Nicole Bush, Thoms Heynk and Ryan Sterner are back to take calls on all your musings.

On this show, CITIUS MAG readers and listeners contribute their voicemails to drive the conversations in all directions. Bring on the personal stories, the Would You Rathers, strange hypotheticals and much more.

One caller decided to phone into the show and came with a list of ten American runners who were better than Steve Prefontaine. Our panel of experts responded with their own opinions.

Call into the show: The voicemail line is: (646) 780-9218

On this episode:
1:00 Steeplechase Fails: Are they funny? Should they be posted to social media?

16:00 Women’s varsity team vs. guy’s club runners in a beer mile. Who wins?

24:12 Is Steve Prefontaine one of the most overrated runners? One caller thinks there are at least 10 American runners who are better than him?

33:00 If you had to run a hot 5K in a speed suit, how much would it slow you down?

37:50 Death Race

42:00 Welcome to the Bone Zone – What got you into track and field/cross country?

1:01:00 Need help coming up with a track club name

1:07:00 Real or fake track meet names

1:15:00 Sterner vs. 60 is introduced

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