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October 5, 2020

Welcome to Social Sport on the CITIUS MAG Podcast Network

The CITIUS MAG Podcast Network is pleased to bring on Emma Zimmerman and the Social Sport Podcast to our lineup of shows.

In the past couple of months, the show popped onto my radar and I’ve listened to several episodes. I was impressed with Emma’s meticulous research and care into amplifying and telling the stories of these people with strong passions for social change across all endurance sports. I know a lot of people who follow CITIUS MAG do so for our running coverage but I think there’s a place for these conversations with our audience, especially since it’s been made clear that there’s no line between sports and activism in 2020. Athletes know that sports are their stage to call for change that they want to see in the world. I think this podcast does a great job of addressing the issues and possible solutions with notable people.

For runners looking to get into the show, you’ll have several episodes featuring Amir M. Figueroa of Harlem Run in New York City, Jacqueline Alnes, PhD. (whose TinyArt drawings are an Instagram hit), Alison Wade of the Fast Women newsletter, Kamilah Journet (now the Tracksmith Marketing Manager), and Therese Haiss (former professional runner and now coach) to go back and listen to. Those are just some of the runners featured but the whole archive of episodes is great.

I met up with Emma in New York City last week and pitched some ideas for how we can work together and get her show out to the CITIUS MAG fans and we quickly got to work. I’m super pumped for this and I hope you all listen, download and subscribe to Social Sport.

Listen now on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

The first episode on the CITIUS MAG Podcast network was posted on Monday and features Aubrey Wall of Training for Body Acceptance. The discussion dives into Aubrey’s personal story and experience before also exploring the shortcomings in the body acceptance space, including the predominant focus on White, small-bodied, cis-gender women.

More to come! Thanks for listening!

– Chris Chavez

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