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October 9, 2017

Yep, Stephen Miller Is A Trash Human

In a new New York Times piece on White House advisor Stephen Miller, we discovered quite a bit about the 32-year-old that has survived (thus far) in an ineffective administration. To see how a right-wing ideologue was shaped in liberal Santa Monica, California, the New York Times reached out to many of those who knew Miller in high school.  We are treated to some pretty stunning stories that shine light on the worst parts of the American psyche: sexism, racism, general douchebaggery. It’s all there.

One of these stories about Miller is a case of him trying to prove male superiority over women. Interestingly, Miller decided to do this by hopping in at the end of a high school girls track race.

From the Times:

He jumped, uninvited, into the final stretch of a girls’ track meet, apparently intent on proving his athletic supremacy over the opposite sex. (The White House, reaching for exculpatory context, noted that this was a girls’ team from another school, not his own.)

Some more details from this summer’s Vanity Fair profile on Miller:

One of the team’s matches against a rival school coincided with a track-and-field competition. During a girls’ track event, Miller decided to jump into the race toward the end, Rosie Ruiz-style, and then boasted, back at school, about how he had beaten the girls and “wasn’t even warmed up or anything,” recalls Silverman, now a writer in Los Angeles. “Everyone was pissed at him.”

Who hasn’t tried to prove their supremacy by jumping in the “final stretch?” What’s wrong, Stephen? Couldn’t make it through a whole race?

How, in God’s name, would you go back and boast about beating girls when you weren’t EVEN IN THE RACE?

But none of this should matter and herein lies the problem with Stephen Miller, the Trump administration, and their ilk: rather than acknowledging we are all blessed with unique and special talents, they try to assign value to all. When all you have going for you in your life is being a straight white man, you’re going to use that as a baseline and think anyone else is clearly inferior. Stephen Miller, you have been, and always will be, a trash person.

We’ve all been lucky enough to be surrounded by incredibly talented, hard working women. Many of us have had the chance to run with (and get dropped) by strong, badass women who crush it on and off the track. Stephen Miller couldn’t hold a candle to them, or frankly any of the teammates that we’ve had, athletically and in any other facet of life.

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