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May 17, 2017

Running Documentaries and Videos You Should Watch #5: The Runners

Any avid runner can tell you how therapeutic running is. Any solo run is good for clearing the mind, getting ideas about what you want to accomplish in the future or just troubleshooting life’s problems. A run with a buddy or a teammate is good for catching up, discussing the latest in pop culture and playing a game of “would you rather.” In some ways, an easy run (solo or with a buddy) can at times be more beneficial than paying for a psychologist to listen to you for an hour.

London-based filmmakers Matan Rochlitz & Ivo Gormley biked alongside while filming (See this Guardian article for picture) and asked runners running through the loop in the park questions about running and life in their film, The RunnersThe Runners captures heartfelt, funny and blunt confessions with everyday runners jogging through the park.  During the time spent with each runner on camera, they express what hurdle they are trying to get over with in life and what role does running play in their life.

Many running documentaries show what it’s like to race or hit hard workouts or to go through injury. But The Runners on the other hand, is the only running documentary truly conveying what your mind does during a everyday run.

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