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March 27, 2018

We Run New York (2018) – Coming April 10

About a year ago, we sat down and chatted with Harry McFann, a friend of CITIUS MAG, to discuss his new project We Run New York. It is a film series focused on the different groups and individuals that comprise the robust New York running scene. Ryan Sterner conducted a Q&A with Harry that you can read here.

We’ve been curious about the project since its first trailer dropped in October and now can provide you all with an update. There is a second trailer (which you can watch above) and a release date!

The first episode of We Run New York will be released on April 10. We’ll share every episode on CITIUS MAG so stay tuned for those very soon!

Here’s an update from Harry:

“From the beginning, I didn’t want to approach We Run New York like a typical documentary. Well, actually, like a documentary at all, to be honest. Instead, I approached it like a fiction film in the way it was shot and structured. I avoided using talking heads and other staples one may have come to expect from a documentary. I took the language of fiction films and mixed it into the documentary tradition in order to hopefully create something that resonates with an audience more-so on an emotional level, than your typical documentary.”

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