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June 25, 2017

2017 USATF Outdoor Championships online: Results, Analysis and more for Day 4

Hello everyone. Paul taking over on the tweets and blog for day 4 of the USATF Outdoor Championships. It’s starting early today, and yes, it’s also still very hot.

If you have a television, you can watch Saturday’s competition starting at4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET on NBC. It concludes Sunday, June 25: 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET, NBC.

If you missed out on any of Day 1’s action, have no fear. I sat in the sun and blogged more than 4,000 words just for you.

If you missed Day 2’s action, I blogged less words, but not because there was any less excitement.

A full list of entries can be found here:

Live results are located here.

Finally, it’s not too late to brush up on the drama that’s about to go down this weekend, featuring Molly Huddle and a whole lot more. Download The Citius Mag 2017 USATF Outdoor Championships Zine for an event-by-event preview, and get live updates throughout the meet through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Onto today’s action!


Grant Holloway got out faster than anyone, and led at the halfway mark, but couldn’t maintain, and wound up in fourth. That’s a bummer! Aleec Harris wins every round and returns to the world championships.

2:39 PM (Women’s 200m final)

This is another spring with Potentially major Duck implications. I am sorry for not saying more but I am just so very tired.

Stevens beat Bowie in a somewhat surprising outcome!

2:31 PM (Men’s 200m final)

No Noah Lyles today, who scratched. So it’s up to Coleman to carry the youthful torch of American sprinting.

Update: Coleman got out hard but Ameer Webb got him at the line. Strong headwind (2.3 m/s). In third was U of H’s Elijah Hall-Thompson.

2:26 PM (Men’s steeple final)

It was–from the gun–understood to be a battle for 2nd and 3rd, as you simply don’t beat Jager if you’re American at this point. He ran a smart race, saved something for late, and with a strong surge over the penultimate water barrier, grabbed a lead he wouldn’t relinquish.

It became a fight between Bor, Kebenei, and Bayer for the remaining two spots. And with 2 laps left, it wasn’t clear who’d get it. Bor slipped on the final water jump and nearly fell, at one point using his hand to push him back up. Bayer tried to capitalize, but Bor was able to regroup and hang on for third. Kebenei ran a great race in his own right, and took second just behind Jager.

An exhausted Bayer dove across the line for fourth in a real heartbreaker for the Hoosier.

2:01 PM (Women’s 800m final)

If all goes according to expectation, it’ll go Wilson, Lipsey, and Martinez. But Raeyvn Rogers is so, so, so good, too. Let’s see what happens here.

Wilson got out hard, but Rogers challenged her for the lead at 200m, causing Wilson to speed up even more.

At 400 it was clear Wilson and Lipsey weren’t in danger of not making it. But the battle for 3rd was interesting. Rogers and Martinez rounded the final curve stride for stride, but Martinez outlasted the Duck, getting 2 seconds on her during the final stretch.

1:53 PM (Men’s 400m hurdles)

I don’t expect this one to be as exciting as the women’s, but Kerron Clement is certainly good, so we can at least appreciate that! After him, let’s hope the “-utch” guys (Futch + Dutch) make it.

I was wrong!

1:44 PM (Women’s 400m hurdles)

This one is going to be extremely close, and extremely exciting. I’m predicting Muhammad wins, Little takes second, and Spencer nabs third. But we’ll see how it goes with Moline, McLaughlin, and Carter in the mix, all running great as well.

ASIDE: Murphy DNS’d after his hamstrings cramped in the 1,500m final last night. His agent, Paul Doyle, said he couldn’t get his legs to loosen up after the race, so they opted to scratch from the 800m final. A rough weekend for the reigning Olympic bronze medalist


Muhammad won it! Little took second! And Carter closed remarkably well after the last hurdle to sneak past Spencer and into third! McLaughlin sets a new junior WR!

1:30 PM

Yesterday at the Citius meet-up, Steve Magness talked about the state of US 800-meter running. The women’s side is extremely exciting right now, in that we have women who are running sub-2 every time out the gate, as well as savvy racers like Brenda Martinez who seem to always make teams.

On the men’s side, he commented on how incredible Nick Symmonds’ career was. He made teams every year, in an event that doesn’t lend itself to that. Last year we saw a crowning of the new guard (from Robinson, Solomon, Symmonds, to Murphy, Brazier, etc.) but today we were reminded of how fickle that sort of thing is. Symmonds’ consistency was not the rule, it was the exception.

1:15 PM (Men’s 800m Final)

-Alvarado, formerly of BYU, is wearing the standard issue Nike kit. But it has to do with BYU’s rules about Sunday competition.

-Clayton Murphy is not racing.

-It’s a seven man final where Sowinksi now finds himself as the favorite.

-Sowinski took the pack through 400 in 51.3. At 500m, Brazier made a push and never let up. Then with 100 left, Harris closed on Sowinski, and then Windle did too, doing his kick late and kick hard thing that’s worked really well this season–especially in this meet with rounds.

-Full results, and you gotta feel awful for Sowinski, who looked wonderful all year:

1:12 PM

Shot put has a really awesome culture about it. Most events tend to cultivate a sense of community around them, but the throwers seem to lean into the sense of toiling in obscurity to really support one another:

1:04 PM (Men’s 110 hurdles semis)

People love Grant Holloway and Devon Allen and Aries Merritt, and generally most men’s 110-hurdlers, they all seem like nice people! Here’s what happened in those two fun, short, fast, jumpy semi-finals:

Heat 1: Aleec Harris wound up winning, but it was Holloway who got out the best. Allen looked sluggish over the first few hurdles but wound things up and finished in second. Aaron Mallet rounded out the top four making it to the final later today.

Heat 2: Aries Merritt looked phenomenal running 13.33 into a 1.7 m/s headwind. It was close between spots 2 and five, but ultimately David Oliver, Jarret Eaton, and Cameron Hall will also make it through.

1:00 PM (ALSO)

Remember how earlier I said the press box goes batshit for field events? It’s a good thing, because I wasn’t paying attention–I am spread thin like mayonnaise right now. Ryan Crouser just won the shot put with a remarkable toss of 74-3 ¾. That’s the farthest anyone’s thrown in like, 14 years or something in that vicinity. Well done, Ryan!

1:00 PM

Today, in humorous tweets that have resurfaced, Pat Casey boosted this one, reminding us all that Hassan Mead’s season has been perfect:


12:50 PM

Antwon Dussett won the men’s masters 400 in 49.01. I don’t know how old he is but he looked beautiful striding down the home stretch. I am very tired. So very tired. There is nothing more to say.

12:41 PM

A woman named Angee Henry just ran 57.11 for the 400–she’s 41 years old. Damn! Each morning when I wake up I take inventory of how my body has become subtly less full of vigor and I can’t even fathom being able to approach a 57-second quarter in two years, let alone in 15.

12:33 PM

We have entered the exhibition portion of today’s programming, from a running perspective. So I’m just going to blog for a second about the experience of being in the media box. It’s a strange place, where half the people present seem comatose with boredom, while the other half will shout out numbers without context, before even more loudly explaining that it was the outcome from a field event that–generally speaking–I had neglected to follow up to that point. There is lots of free water. It usually smells a little like a locker room. If you ever have the chance to get a press pass, I highly suggest you see what it’s all about.

12:30 PM

After an absolutely brutal year, Tyson Gay’s still fighting.

12:19 PM (women’s 200m semi)

Totally goofed — didn’t live tweet the men’s 200m semis because folks, I wasn’t physically at the meet yet. Here’s what happened, sans commentary:

In the first heat of the women’s semis, Duncan and Felix looked the best, and cruised to a close 1-2 finish. Prandini and Stevens nabbed the other two auto spots. I mean, what else can you really say?

The second heat saw Bowie do exactly what everyone expected of her as she won it without much concern. That said, Washington was close, and looked like she’s running with the intent of making her second event for London.

Serious question, who gets to pick the music for these meets? Does USATF have a DJ?

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