New Year’s Resolutions From Around The Running Community

By Becky Wade

January 3, 2018

It’s a brand new year, and the self-improvement floodgates have been opened. I wanted to see what my fellow runners of all levels were resolving to do in 2018, so I turned to the trusty Twittersphere to find out.

The common theme, unsurprisingly, was getting better at running. Responses ranged from vague (“Run fast”) to precise (“Sub 40 10k and sub 4:55/5:15 1500m/mile”), with a few real head-scratchers in between. While 2018 is still getting started, check out the list below and get inspired for a great year ahead.

Race Goals

I want to keeping pushing boundaries and aim for a 100 miler race next fall. I’ll be 60 years old! –Carl Wright

First 50 miler. –Ben Congram

Run my first marathon, publicly shout expletives Shalane style at the finish line. –Madz

My first Mararthon. Houston 2018. –Wynnie Hoodis

Aiming to complete 100 unique/different marathons. Finished this year on #89. Forces one to travel and explore. –The Running Mann

100k ultra, 2018 k run in 2018. –Thomas Fons

Run my first marathon in Alaska. –Sarah M.

Have resolved to try my first multisport event this year. Already signed up for it, a July duathlon, two days ago. Now I need to start practicing running, then biking, then running some more! (May attempt a tri if I ever learn to swim.) –Dave Gertler

Time and Distance Goals

PR so sub 2:36 at the London Marathon in April. Break five minutes for the mile for the first time. – Chris Chavez

my big goal this year will be to run the A standard in the marathon – Stephen Kersh

2:59:49, stay healthy, don’t lose my mind. –Benjamin David

Go under 3 hours in @GrandmasMara this year!! –Kyle Rosseau

Break 3 hours in a marathon. –Maxwell Patel

Going for sub-20 5k and sub-60 400m this year – also trying to close the gap a bit between my performance on the trail and on the road/track. –Bryan Guido Hassin

Run a mile faster than my high school 1500m PR. –Carla Benton

Make state in the Two mile (sub 9:50). –Conner Culhane

Sub-2:40 at Boston 2018! –David Pinsonneault

Sub 3:30 marathon + CR at the Mines of Spain half in August. –Leah Hocking

Sub 40 10k and sub 4:55/5:15 1500m/mile. And more generally, get my health back on track and be consistent with working out. –James Valadez

Break 2:50 in the marathon then give up marathoning, I love running I hate marathons, I just found something I am half decent at. –Mike Tomkins

3000-3500 miles before end of year. –Erich Chewie Olschewski

Run 1,500 miles in the year. –Baseball Countdown

General Running Goals

I want to run more than 10 times this year and run Stephen Kersh into the ground. – Ryan Sterner

Don’t think it’s particularly interesting but I think my goal is to just try and get healthy this year – Kevin Liao

To actually run. –Wannabe Distance God

I want to run 2018 injury-free. –Brian Teed

Using the @tracksmith No Days Off calendar to make sure I do something to help my running fitness everyday (run/yoga/rest/cross train). –Jenn Counter

Hopefully get to race on University of Michigan’s new indoor track on February 16th Meet, if they let me in. –Derek Gregson

Run fast. –Kimbo

Fully integrate running into my life so that it’s more than just a box to check 3-4 times per week. (Not sure how to measure yet … ) –John P. Churchill

Compete HEALTHY for the entire outdoor season for the first time in 7 years I’ve been doing track & field. (Never done more than 2.5 months in a row ever). –Jamal St. Lewis

Take the advice and workouts I give my athletes and use them myself! Put on kickass 40th Freihofer’s Run for Women. –HislopCoaching Tri

Worry less about hitting time goals and just run for the pure fun and enjoyment of being healthy and outdoors. –Brian Wrozek

Get serious about doing core / strength work at least twice a week, even if it means sacrificing some mileage. –Tim Meigs

Foam roll more often, limit caffeine, run 1500 Miles, and get a sub 3:45 Marathon time. –Wicket Smaht Marc

Injury free and have fun. –Scott Harmon


Learn how to be bored. –Gedion Yitref

Floss 3-4x per week because everyday would probably make me anemic. –BingeThoughts

Read a book a month. –Thomas Fons

To write down something I’m grateful for everyday, to drink less caffeine, and to use my foam roller for more than just killing spiders in my apartment. –Kristin Weisse

Get better at responding to messages in a timely fashion. Set a goal number of books to read that’s attainable but challenging. –Sara Sutherland

Even higher fives. –Mullet Marathoners

Eat a whole key lime pie once a month. –DereKnabe

And me? I’m going for a blend: meditate at least 15 minutes a day, and incorporate more travel into my running.

Whatever you’re striving for this year, I hope it’s a happy, healthy, speedy, and adventurous one!

Becky Wade

Native Texan, Rice University grad, Colorado transplant. Specializing in the 3K Steeplechase and Marathon. Author of “Run the World: My 3,500-Mile Journey Through Running Cultures Around the Globe,” which is available on Amazon and wherever else you get your books.