Beyond Conversation

By Citius Mag Staff

June 1, 2020

“As people, we just need to keep this conversation alive… but it’s more than just a conversation that needs to be had. We actually have to do the work.”

That was Coffey in a conversation with our Runners of NYC Podcast at the start of this month.

“If you want to continue to have the conversation, you have to be willing to do it and not let one or two weeks go by all of a sudden everything is OK and we’re back to being normal until it happens again,” he added.

And then it happened again and we all watched George Floyd die with a police officer’s knee on his neck. Seeing these images of outrage and protest are the result of marching, kneeling, voting and calling for change for years and yet oppression remains. Enough is enough. It is on all of us to push for the end of violence and murder against Black people everywhere. We stand in solidarity with those fighting for justice and change.

We can not be silent. We can all do better. Take the time to educate yourself and take action.

Talk. Share. Donate. Listen.

Like most people, we’re angry. We’re in pain. We don’t have all the answers. What we do know is that we can proceed and start searching for a solution with love, listening, compassion and service. That’s what we have done and what everyone should intend to do.

Citius Mag Staff